Who We Are?

Every day we make thousands of decisions…

  • Will I have tea or coffee?
  • A latte or expresso?
  • Skimmed milk or full-fat?
  • What route should I take to work?
  • What recommendations should I make to my boss?

…adults make on average about 35,000 remotely conscious decisions each day.

Today, building decision models for even for the simplest of tasks requires a degree in IT. At Insyt we believe that anyone should be able to develop a model. We offer a powerful, yet simple platform that enables anyone to visually develop decision models and interact with the outcome.

Users of the platform can interactively build a model from scratch or pick an expert created template as a starter.

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Define Parameters for the Problem you want to solve


Map the Interdependencies


Visualise the Options

All the great features
you get with INSYT

Insyt is a simple web-based platform that can run on any system allowing users to easily build decision models and see the results.

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Visual Platform

Simple interface that helps visualise the process & results

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Cloud Based

Web based platform available on any operating system

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Ease of Use

Flexible platform for novices to experts

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Any Problem

Step by step process from framing a problem to running the algorithm

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Template Library

Extensive, expert-led library of decision model

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Export Engine*

Ability to export algorithm to e.g. a runnable player

Product Overview

Insyt has an offering for every user…



£10.00 Per / Month


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£100.00 Per / Month

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